Ways to Give

Unrestricted Gifts:

Your tax-deductible donations to the General Fund are disbursed in annual grants to the schools, as determined by the Foundation board, in consultation with school leadership teams. Donating to the General Fund allows the Foundation Board to direct funds to meet identified school-wide needs.

Designated Donor Gifts:

These tax-deductible gifts are donations for a designated purpose such as to support a particular academic department, arts program, or athletic equipment or facility needs.

Endowment Gifts:

These tax-deductible contributions are made directly to the endowment fund, which generates income that is distributed to the schools in annual grants. As the endowment fund grows, the size of the annual grants grow.

The Gift of Your Time and Talent:

The Foundation needs and welcomes volunteers who can assist with fundraising efforts, community outreach, and other important tasks.

Each contribution to the Foundation will be gratefully received and carefully appropriated to provide enhanced educational opportunities for the students of Estancia and TeWinkle