Our Story

The Foundation’s grant-making focus is to fund significant programs and projects addressing campus-wide goals that are both substantial and achievable. The Foundation annually gives large grants targeting each campus’s particular needs and priorities, as identified by the school’s own leadership team.

  • EstanciaAt Estancia, foundation grants have fully funded the Apprentice Program – a new comprehensive support system for incoming freshmen, and provided support for the school’s Puente program for high achieving Hispanic students. Foundation grants have funded the purchase of ancillary materials for Mathematics, books for literature circles, smart boards, computer labs, and cutting edge technology for classroom use, among other things.
  • At TeWinkle, foundation grants have provided up to date technology in nearly every classroom, including smart boards and LCD projectors. Foundation grants have also met the school’s need for extensive Social Study reference materials available for student use in the library.

To watch a video and learn more about the Estancia TeWinkle Schools Foundation visit https://www.dropbox.com/s/pebjx4wcffajzar/ETSFMaster.mov?n=234665499.

Also the City of Costa Mesa produced a video about the Estancia TeWinkle Schools Foundation and The Costa Mesa High School Foundation, visit http://youtu.be/LizV5sbrJ58.