Giving Tribute

To: Marie Sato –
“Thank you Marie for the noticeable improvements to the Estancia Music Department!”

The Jones Family

To: Jennifer Broderick –
“Thank you for your excellence in the classroom, commitment to bringing extracurricular opportunities to your students, and caring appreciation for them as individuals.”

The Esfahani Family

To: Mrs. Dickey & Mr Williams –
“A heartfelt thanks for your friendship and support. Merry Christmas!”

Rick & Nancy Kapko

To: Mr. John Yeomans –
“Thank you for the dedication, artistic talent, and amazing patience and kindness you bring to your work with Estancia students and parents in creating those well loved senior ads and beautiful school yearbook.”

The Esfahani Family

To: Rachel de los Santos Smith –
“Thank you for your devotion to our sons’ academic and athletic experience at EHS!”

The Oliver Family

To: Jennifer Broderick –
“Thank you for always going above and beyond for the students at Estancia. You have made my children’s high school experience awesome! Thank you so much!”

Kathleen Andrews

To: Jennifer Chamberlin –
“Thank you for the warmth, enthusiasm and professionalism you bring to your job. You are a gift to Estancia!”

The Esfahani Family

To: Marie Sato –
To: Pauline Maranian –
“Thank you for the wonderful education, loving support, and elevated horizons you give to your drama students, and the mavelous productions you give to our Estancia community.”

The Esfahani Family

To: Dr. Bauermeister –
“Thank you for caring so much about the Estancia students, families and staff. We are so fortunate to have you as our principal.”

The Knapp Family

To: Ginger Collins –
“This tribute is to acknowledge you for your excellence in academic rigor, dedication to your students and for your support of the Australian Education Exchange Program. Thank you!”

The Snell Family

To: Jennifer Broderick –
“Thank you Ms. Broderick for the inspiration you give to your students, you are are an incredible person and a fantastic teacher!”

The Thorpe Family

To: Jennifer Knapp –
“Thank you for all of your hard work for our children and our schools. Your efforts have made my children’s experience at TeWinkle and Estancia a great one. Thank you so much!! GO EAGLES!!

Kathleen Andrews